When to Repair or Replace Your Copy Machine?

inside view of a copy machineIf your copier is broken, your first thought may be that it’s time to replace it. However, that isn’t always the best course of action. Many times, copy machine malfunctions can be repaired which not only saves you money, but prolongs the life of your equipment. Below are a few key factors on how to determine if it’s time for copier repair service in Washington, D.C. or if you’re better off simply replacing the machine.

When to Repair

As mentioned above, it’s much more cost-effective to repair your copier than dish out the money for a brand new one. Repairing is also the way to go if your machine is still under warranty. Copiers are an essential piece of equipment in the office and if a machine is on the fritz, then having a technician come in to look at it could result in the copier being repaired right then and there. Many times, a copier halts due to easily fixable issue such as needing new feed tires or a basic cleaning. Repairing the machine in these instances will allow you to continue using it without the added expense of an unnecessary replacement.

When to Replace

If it’s obvious that your copier is broken beyond repair or it’s incredibly old, replacement would be your best option. Even if the issue can technically be fixed on a repair job, if your machine has been causing you constant problems, it may be easier to purchase a new one. Though repairing is more cost-effective up front, constantly repairing the copier can add up to be way more than the price of a new one over time.