Signs Your Copier is Malfunctioning

photo copier and printer machineCopy machines provide a lot of convenience to teachers, offices, libraries, and other industries. Just as with any machinery, copiers will eventually begin to malfunction, especially if they haven’t been properly looked at in a very long time. Copier issues can be fixed by something as simple as a cleaning or they may require a call to companies like Gem Laser Express for copier repair service in Washington D.C.

Below are 3 signs that your copier may be malfunctioning and a few troubleshooting tips you can perform on your own.

  • Crevices, grime, or spots on the screen
  • Powdery marks on the card slot
  • Various marks on the drum piece


Your first step when troubleshooting your copier machine should be to clean the screen. You can use some simple spray, like Windex, and a cloth to clean the screen of any dust, finger prints, and other marks. If the screen is cracked or scratched, you will need to replace it.

Test the machine after cleaning. If that didn’t do the trick, begin cleaning the various internal parts such as the ink card, machine interior, and copier drum. If your copier is still acting funny, it would be wise to call in the professionals to prevent further damaging the machine. Gem Laser Express is fully equipped to service a variety of brands and machine types. Give us a call today at (877) 709-7140 to request copier service today.