Cost-Per-Copy Contract

Managed Print Services

 ~Save up to 30% on Toner and Service~

As a business owner, you do not want money going out the door for tedious things like printing. Some organizations spend up to 3% of their annual revenue on printing. At Gem Laser, we want to help you manage your printing services with our cost per copy contract. We are here to serve our customers the best way we can, so we also offer printer repair in Virginia.

Cost-Per-Copy Benefits:

  • When you start managing your printer and supplies, you can reduce the overall printing costs up to 20%-30%.
  • You can lock in the lower costs for up to five years.
  • OEM maintenance and supplies are included in one package.
  • We can also include OEM parts, labor, and preventive maintenance.
  • You may pay as you go for what you print.
  • Print fleet survey and optimization assistance.

If you are searching for a copier repair service in Washington, D.C. or printer repair in Washington, D.C., you can turn to Gem Laser for quality repairs. Give us a call at (877) 709-7140 or contact us on our website if you have additional questions about the cost-per-copy contract.