Copier Repair & Maintenance in Washington, DC: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

When you are dealing with an issue with your copier, it might cause your whole day to come to a screeching halt. While the easiest and best way to get your copier back into working order is to call copier repair specialists, there are some things you can do to try and troubleshoot your problems on your own.

When it comes to copier repair and maintenance in Washington, DC, the first step is common in all electronics—try turning it off and back on again. This simple step is one of the most effective troubleshooting tips out there and is likely to fix the most widespread copier problems—especially when it comes to printing and scanning. Specifically, you should turn the machine off and then unplug it for at least two minutes. Then, plug the machine back in and turn it back on. This will reset the device.

What happens if that doesn’t work? Well, it is essential to remember that most copiers are multifunctional machines that are also connected to a computer. So, sometimes, you must reboot both devices to reset your copier properly.

If problems persist, it is time to reach out for a copier service repair. By working with a professional, you are able to avoid making matters worse by trying to work on the machine by yourself.