Know When to Call for Printer Service & Repairs

Printer Service And Repair in Dulles, VA

Few businesses are immune to their printer or copier going down. We have all opened the doors, followed the instructions, and tried to pull out a paper jam. In addition to getting covered in toner, the result is often frustration and delays.

While it is possible to free a copier jam or fix the tension on your printer, it is not always a good idea. The delicate parts inside your equipment require a light touch, and in your irritation, you may cause more problems than you solve. Reaching out to professionals for printer service and repair in Dulles, VA, is usually the best call.

Some common reasons you should back away from the equipment and request service for your printer and copier include:

Repeated Paper Jams

Paper getting stuck once might be an anomaly, but multiple times in a row is chronic. The feed may need to be adjusted, and only a trained technician can perform that type of work.

Inconsistent Toner

If the toner remains inconsistent, even after changing to a new cartridge, it is likely experiencing some technical issues and needs help from a professional.

Error Messages Won’t Clear

When you see one error message that clears quickly, you can relax. If the message keeps returning, that means something is wrong, and only your printer service and repair expert can address it.