Should You Repair or Replace Your Printer

Problems affecting the functionality of multifunction printers in Prince William County, VA, can significantly impact your team’s productivity and leave them feeling frustrated. In time, all printers are going to stop performing at their best levels, whether it means slowing down, experiencing errors, or just refusing to work at all. How do you know if repairing or replacing multifunction printers is the best option when these events occur?

There a few points to keep in mind when deciding to replace or repair your printing device:

Age of the Device

Consider when the device model was released and not just the date that you purchased it. If you’ve had a printer for five years but the model was released two years before that, it can impact its expected lifetime and the availability of parts. If a device is nearing legacy status” over seven years old, replacing it is your best bet.

Lifetime Volume of Multifunction Printers

The second factor to consider is the lifetime volume of your device. Printing a configuration page from the device will show the lifetime volume. This is similar to considering the overall mileage on a car. If it has been heavily utilized, then even a newer device can burn out” quickly and be beyond the manufacturers recommended monthly volume.

Labor Costs for Repair

Some repairs for multifunction printers can be completed on-site; other repairs will require a print service technician. It’s always smart to ask for a quote upfront. The bill for repairs can quickly skyrocket if there are high labor costs. Compare the cost of the total repair bill to the cost of getting a new device.