man using a printer

How Long Will Your New Office Printers Last?

How long your office printer lasts is often dependent on how well it’s maintained. Routine printer service can extend the life of your office equipment and reduce downtime for employees.

Printers and copiers are a significant investment for an office. Unlike consumer printers, office equipment is under considerable pressure to perform high volumes of work every day without fail. A malfunctioning printer or copier can seriously affect production for the staff and business operations. Ultimately, the function of your equipment comes down to following its recommended maintenance schedule.

Get the Most from Your Equipment

Printer service in Washington, DC, can assist with getting the most from your office equipment. It also provides a history of care, so when something goes wrong, there is a record of the work done. In some cases, printer service is a requirement to maintain the warranty, so be sure to check your manual.

Years of Service

A typical printer lifetime averages seven years with regular maintenance. However, the printer’s life is often actually calculated in clicks per month, so the higher the number, the shorter the lifespan. When considering a printer for your office, factor in how much use it will get, and that will help determine the model you buy.

For office managers across the nation, it’s critical to schedule printer service. Extending the life of this essential piece of office equipment is crucial to your production and operations.