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Considerations When Buying Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers in Prince William County, VA, can optimize your workflow and fill many roles in your office. These models can provide printing, scanning, faxing, and file uploading in one device, and can even communicate with your business’s network.

However, an everything-in-one solution isn’t suited for every organization. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new multifunction printer. Knowing what you need and how a new addition might affect your workflow can make a difference–both in productivity and costs.

Define Your Needs

No two multifunction printers will have identical specifications and feature sets. As such, you will want to define what you expect from your new equipment so you can keep it within your budget and expectations. Evaluate what your business needs beyond printing, copying, and faxing capabilities. Will your team take advantage of cloud uploading or wireless technology? Are eco-friendly features important? Knowing what you want and what you don’t will help refine your search.

Prioritize User Friendliness

When your employees know how to use the multifunction printer, it streamlines your workflow. Try to find a model that has intuitive interfaces, minimal training requirements, and easily accessible documentation. You may also want to buy equipment that is backed by a maintenance program from the manufacturer or its service partners.

Communication is Key

Your multifunction printer should be able to quickly and efficiently communicate with your business network–which means your IT crew and other users should be able to access its controls remotely. A printer that your network can’t recognize will impede workflow and complicate your troubleshooting efforts.

Having a multifunction printer can make your work easier and more productive, but it is equally important to know what you are buying. Visit your local printer dealer to begin discussing your options.

Why is My Printer Jamming?

We’ve all sent a document to the printer to wait for it to appear. When it doesn’t, the first step is to investigate. Sometimes we can fix the problem ourselves, and sometimes we need to call for printer repair in Vienna, VA.

But how do we know when to make the call? First, we start by learning what causes paper jams and how to avoid them. Some common issues you may encounter include:

Damaged or Warped Paper

Paper that is wrinkled, warped, or damaged doesn’t feed correctly on the rollers. When it goes sideways, everything stops moving. It’s best only to use new sheets of paper for printing.

A Paper Traffic Jam

Sometimes paper just gets stuck. Yanking it out is not recommended, as you can pull the parts out of alignment and cause more problems than you solve. Follow all the instructions on locating the jam, and you’ll be printing again in no time.

Incorrect Paper Size

Paper that’s the wrong size for the printer is bound to get stuck. Whether too small or too large, not using the correct dimensions can cause your print job to go off the rails in a hurry.

Damaged Parts

If any part of the printer experiences damage or wear and tear, it won’t function as expected. When this happens, it’s time to call a printer repair technician to remove the paper and find and address the issue.


Should You Repair or Replace Your Printer

Problems affecting the functionality of multifunction printers in Prince William County, VA, can significantly impact your team’s productivity and leave them feeling frustrated. In time, all printers are going to stop performing at their best levels, whether it means slowing down, experiencing errors, or just refusing to work at all. How do you know if repairing or replacing multifunction printers is the best option when these events occur?

There a few points to keep in mind when deciding to replace or repair your printing device:

Age of the Device

Consider when the device model was released and not just the date that you purchased it. If you’ve had a printer for five years but the model was released two years before that, it can impact its expected lifetime and the availability of parts. If a device is nearing legacy status” over seven years old, replacing it is your best bet.

Lifetime Volume of Multifunction Printers

The second factor to consider is the lifetime volume of your device. Printing a configuration page from the device will show the lifetime volume. This is similar to considering the overall mileage on a car. If it has been heavily utilized, then even a newer device can burn out” quickly and be beyond the manufacturers recommended monthly volume.

Labor Costs for Repair

Some repairs for multifunction printers can be completed on-site; other repairs will require a print service technician. It’s always smart to ask for a quote upfront. The bill for repairs can quickly skyrocket if there are high labor costs. Compare the cost of the total repair bill to the cost of getting a new device.


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Troubleshooting: Do This Before Calling for Printer Repair

When it comes to fixing common issues in printer repair in Falls Church, VA, many issues can actually be resolved by you. There is no need to wait for a printer repair technician to squeeze you into their busy schedule if it’s not necessary.

If youre wondering whether to call the IT department or a printer repair specialist, try to troubleshoot a printer problem on your own first. Here are the top three most common ways to troubleshoot the issue so you can get back to work quickly.

Fix a Paper Jam on Your Own

Paper jams are frustratingly common. Before jumping straight into the action, take a moment to read the devices screen instructions (if it has one). They typically have images or descriptions of where the printer is jammed. The printer or copier has various tabs, levers, and knobs, which are usually colored bright blue, orange, or green. Avoid printer repair by using fixtures that can be adjusted without tools. This is helpful in finding and then clearing the paper jam.

Remove Scanner Streaks

If you regularly scan using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) on top of your printer, then youve likely dealt with annoying lines or streaks that muck up pages. Lift the scanner lid. This is what most devices use to scan via the ADF. There is a narrow strip of glass along with the main scanner glass that gets dirty quickly, so chances are it doesn’t need printer repair, just a quick cleaning.

If All Else Fails…Reboot

If you are still experiencing irritating issues after trying to troubleshoot your printer; its time to try rebooting:

  • Turn the printer off by unplugging it
  • Unplug the power cable for at least 30 seconds
  • Plug it back in
  • Turn the device back on
  • Once everything is running, try printing or scanning again
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Refurbished HP Printers VS. OEM: Which Is Right For Your Office?

If you’re an office manager, keeping costs under control is an important consideration. When you need to replace your printers and copiers, it’s time to talk to an HP dealer in Alexandria, VA, about the benefits of refurbished equipment. Refurbished printers and copiers are an excellent way to get the equipment you need at a reduced cost.

When choosing between an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and a refurbished product, businesses must consider a few factors.

Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished equipment is often pre-owned. These products can include returns, leftover equipment, display, or demonstration models. They fall under several descriptors, including refurbished, reconditioned, repaired, re-certified, or remanufactured. These titles determine the product’s history and describe how technicians returned it to working order. Every refurbished product is restored to meet its original factory standards and it often comes with a limited warranty. A qualified HP dealer will assist you in determining the most appropriate refurbished equipment for your use.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEMs are straight from the original brand manufacturer. They’ve never been used and come with their full warranty. If you want equipment that has never seen the light of day, this is the way to go.

Price & Performance

When shopping for new office equipment, price is often a primary consideration. Talk to your brand representative and let them know what you need; they’ll track down the best products and get you up and running in no time. Trust your HP dealer to find the right equipment for your office while staying within your budget.

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How Long Will Your New Office Printers Last?

How long your office printer lasts is often dependent on how well it’s maintained. Routine printer service can extend the life of your office equipment and reduce downtime for employees.

Printers and copiers are a significant investment for an office. Unlike consumer printers, office equipment is under considerable pressure to perform high volumes of work every day without fail. A malfunctioning printer or copier can seriously affect production for the staff and business operations. Ultimately, the function of your equipment comes down to following its recommended maintenance schedule.

Get the Most from Your Equipment

Printer service in Washington, DC, can assist with getting the most from your office equipment. It also provides a history of care, so when something goes wrong, there is a record of the work done. In some cases, printer service is a requirement to maintain the warranty, so be sure to check your manual.

Years of Service

A typical printer lifetime averages seven years with regular maintenance. However, the printer’s life is often actually calculated in clicks per month, so the higher the number, the shorter the lifespan. When considering a printer for your office, factor in how much use it will get, and that will help determine the model you buy.

For office managers across the nation, it’s critical to schedule printer service. Extending the life of this essential piece of office equipment is crucial to your production and operations.

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Printer Jargon Matters for the Right Printer Repair in Loudon County, VA

You might be wondering why it matters so much to know the right jargon for the various printers that exist under the HP brand? Simply put, when it’s time for a printer repair in Loudon County, VA, you’ll want to be familiar with the printer model you have and potentially the compartments that are malfunctioning. There’s a lot to know about how your office or home printer works, and even though you don’t have to be an expert, being familiar with a few terms can help you in the long run.

Some Common Printer Vocabulary

To make it easy for you, here is a list of commonly used words when discussing printers:

ADF — Automatic Document Feeder

AirPrint — Allows You To Print Wirelessly From An Apple Device

Cloud Print — Printing from Google Drive

DPI — Measurement of Resolution

Duplex Printing — A Printer That Can Automatically Print Both Sides Of A Page

Ethernet Port — A Printer That Can Be Connected To A Physical Network

Images Per Minute (IPM) — Gives You An Idea Of How Fast Your Printer Can Print Out Images.

So when you need printer repair, you’ll be able to have a better idea of what part needs to be fixed. Contact Gem Laser Express, Inc. to learn more about their services and products.



HP Printer Services in Arlington, VA: Security Tips for Your Office Printers

When it comes to office printers, theyre quickly evolving into more high-tech versions that rely on an internet connection’s efficiency. This makes production a lot more streamlined and can be seen as a step-up for a company that wants its employees to have better equipment to work with. However, printers connected to the internet aren’t only quick and easy to use but also at risk of being exposed to any hackers that may be looking to probe the information going through the system.

That’s why companies like Gem Laser Express, Inc., offers HP printer services in Arlington, VA, that include providing top security for your printer. However, there are some steps you can take within the company to help keep your information more secure, such as:

  • Change Default Passwords
  • Keep Your Printer Up to Date
  • Pin Authorized Release
  • User Permissions
  • Encrypt Data
  • Temporary Data Storage
  • Remove Processes

HP printer services are available to help businesses change and rearrange any printer features that bolster the company’s security. Contact Gem Laser Express, Inc. if you have any questions or inquiries about your printer, they’ll be happy to help you out.

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Tips for Preventing Paper Jams

Paper jams are a major nuisance. What office worker hasn’t had an encounter with a paper jam and felt tempted to shake the printer out of pure stress and frustration? Gem Laser Express, Inc., is a copy service in Fairfax, VA, that understands. What many people don’t consider, though, is that a paper jam is not usually due to the machine. Most jams, in fact, are caused by the paper. Here’s why, along with some tips for avoiding paper jams.

  1. Do not open a new ream until you need to use it – Paper absorbs moisture from the air. As this happens, the paper expands and makes jams more likely. Only take the amount of paper you need for the print run, then store the rest in a cool, dry place.
  2. Pay attention – If you notice that some sheets of paper are curled, torn, or wrinkled, do not load them into your printer.
  3. Fan your pages – Some jams are caused because sheets of paper are stuck together; fanning them will get some air between them and help to keep them separated.
  4. Avoid cheap, low-quality paper – You get what you pay for. Low-quality paper may save you in the price of materials, but cost in time lost to paper jams.
  5. Don’t mix papers of different weights or thicknesses in the paper tray – Using one paper stock at a time is another good way to avoid a problem.

Contact us today for more information about our copy services.

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The Benefits of a Cost-Per-Copy Contract

When you run a business, the cost of your print collateral can add up quickly. Depending on the nature of your operation and the industry you are in, your contracts, training materials, promotional brochures, purchase orders, and other printing materials may begin to cost you much more than they should. At Gem Laser Express, Inc., we offer a solution that allows you to spread your information to your audience while saving on printing costs.

Our printing services in Fairfax County, VA, include cost-per-copy contracts that we customize to meet the needs of your business. With these contracts, you pay a low, flat rate that’s adjusted to reflect the actual print volume of your company. You can have all of the black-and-white as well as color prints your operation requires for one rate, which takes the strain and guesswork out of your printing budget.

Our full-service print company works with top-of-the-line equipment from trusted brands such as HP and Xerox. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. When you are ready to start saving on your print goods, we want to hear from you. Our printing services and cost-per-print contracts are the reliable way to meet your printing needs.