Know When to Call for Printer Repair Services in Vienna, VA

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You know it isn’t going to be a great day at work when the printer or copier goes down. If you have worked in an office long enough, there is a good chance you have opened the doors, followed the instructions, and pulled out and reinserted all of the paper at least once, only to find a persistent issue. So, before you decide to get yourself covered in toner and filled with frustration, consider reaching out for printer repair in Vienna, VA.

While it is possible to free a copier jam or fix the tension on your printer yourself, it isn’t always the best idea. These machines are filled with delicate parts that require a light touch—a touch that isn’t easy to come by if you aren’t sure what you are doing—or are too irritated to care. Reaching out to a service for printers and copiers helps you avoid the headache of figuring out what is going on with your printer and any additional problems that might develop if you attempt to fix the machine by yourself.

Some of the most common reasons to request printer and copier service include:

Repeated Paper Jams – When you notice paper getting stuck multiple times in a row, a chronic issue needs to be addressed. This can potentially include the feed needing to be adjusted, which requires the expertise of a trained technician.

Inconsistent Toner – Have you changed the toner cartridge only to find that your toner remains inconsistent when printing? That means there is a technical issue involved that is best left to the experts.

Error Messages Won’t Clear – Most error messages will likely clear quickly. It is the error messages that keep returning that means it is time to call the professionals. They are able to troubleshoot the problem to help you find an effective solution.

Know When to Call for Printer Services in Leesburg, VA

Printer Services in Leesburg, VAIf you have ever spent enough time in an office environment, you know that copiers and printers do break down and experience some errors. Often, these errors are caused by issues that won’t be able to be addressed by the user and must be handled by a trained professional.

If you are unsure when you need to call for professional printer services in Leesburg, VA; our team has created a helpful list of common reasons you need to call a professional instead of trying to fix or troubleshoot the problem on your own. Be ready to call your copy service when you are experiencing:

Error Messages Won’t Clear – If you notice an error message when you try to print or make a copy, but when you try again, it isn’t there; you are doing okay. However, if that error message keeps returning, there is likely something wrong with your machine. This is when you will want to call a technician to service your printer or copier.

Repeated Paper Jams –If a paper jam happens just once, there is a good chance that the issue was just an anomaly. When it happens almost every time you use your machine, that usually means there is an issue with the feed, and it needs to be adjusted. This is a delicate procedure that is best left to a trained technician.

Inconsistent Toner – Inconsistent toner is often a warning sign that your ink cartridge needs to be replaced. However, if you are still getting inconsistent results even after you have changed the cartridge; this usually means there is a technical issue that will need to be handled by a trained professional.

Know When to Call for Printer Services in Manassas, VA

Printer Services in Leesburg, VAPrinters and copiers break down, especially when they are in constant use in an office space. Sometimes these errors can be fixed with a bit of adjustment, but other times it is best to leave the work to the professionals.

So, how do you know when you need to call in the technicians for printer services in Manassas, VA? We have created a short list of common reasons why it is best to leave the troubleshooting and repair work to a professional copy service. They include:

Repeated Paper Jams – Paper getting stuck once might be an anomaly, but if you run into paper jams multiple times in a row, the issue is a chronic one. These continuing paper jams are often caused by the feed needing to be adjusted, and only a trained technician can perform that type of work successfully.

Inconsistent Toner – When you notice that your toner is inconsistent, it is easy to assume that your cartridge just needs to be changed. But what happens if the toner remains inconsistent once you have put in a new cartridge? When technical issues like this arise, it is always wise to turn to a professional.

Error Messages Won’t Clear – Error messages are there to give you an idea of what is going on with your machine when things aren’t working as they should. If you see one error message that clears quickly, it is okay to relax. If the message keeps returning, however, that means there is something wrong with your machine, and it is time to call out a technician to service your printer or copier.

What are the Signs You Need Printer Repair in Fairfax County, VA

Printer Repair in Fairfax County, VA

Your office equipment likely gets a lot of use but probably doesn’t get much attention until it stops working. Then it’s a major topic of conversation thanks to the negative impact it’s having on production. You can keep that scenario from happening at your workplace by being attuned to things you can watch for, which means your printer needs attention.

These cries for help from your office equipment will come in many forms, but our team at Gem Laser Express, Inc. is going to look at those that specifically relate to machines that offer printing repair in Fairfax County, VA.

Keep your eyes open for frequent error messages. They indicate that your machine is consistently encountering problems, and you will need to call for technicians to provide printer service to fix it.

Paper jams happen to every printer, but when they repeatedly occur without an apparent reason, then that’s a sign that something is wrong with the machine.

You should also be aware of inconsistent toner application to the paper even after adding a new cartridge to the machine. If that happens, it’s more than a problem with the printing supplies themselves, there’s something wrong with the equipment, and you should contact an office equipment repair company.

Know When to Call for Printer Service in Washington DC

Printer Service in Washington DC

Your copiers and printers are great machines that help your workplace function smoothly as long as they are operating as they should. When they begin to malfunction, though, then trouble is on the horizon. So, how do you know when it’s time to call for printer service in Washington, DC? Our Gem Laser Express, Inc. team will answer that for you in this blog post.

Modern office equipment is very dependable and efficient, but it requires periodic maintenance and repair like any other machinery. You will need to call a service tech for support as soon as you suspect there’s a problem. For example, the machine may begin to operate much more slowly than it used to, or it may get multiple paper jams throughout the workday. Those are hints that your unit will need copy repair support to keep it providing the reliable service that a busy office expects and needs to keep things going. Another thing to watch for is more dramatic – your printer won’t turn on. In that case, you definitely need to make a call for printer repair services.

The “paperless office of the future” doesn’t appear to be anywhere on the horizon. Printers and copiers are needed, and it looks like they will be for the long term. If you have questions about these office machines or how to get them repaired, you can contact us at Gem Laser Express, Inc.

What to Look for in A Printer & Copier Dealer

Printer And Copier Dealer in Dulles, VA

Printer and copier delays can be frustrating when your business counts on seamless operations. When you know your Dulles, VA, printer and copier dealer is there for you, you can feel confident in your equipment. Choosing the right supplier and repair services for your essential office equipment can seem challenging, but if you do your research, you will find a technical support team that will be available when you need them.

Supplies & Service

Find a copier and printer supplier that services the equipment they sell. The technicians that install your machines are likely the same ones that can repair them, and their experience is invaluable.

Support Contracts

Many copier and printer suppliers will offer contracts on equipment maintenance. These contracts define the parameters of their services and promises to your company.


No company can buy a good reputation; they must earn it. Check with other businesses in the area to see who they trust, and if they consistently mention the same name, that is likely your new supplier.

Prompt Service

Check with your printer repair company to determine if they offer same-day or service calls within 24-hours. Printers and copiers are an essential aspect of your business, and you need to know your technician will arrive when you need them.

When you build a solid professional relationship with your printer and copier dealer, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Know When to Call for Printer Service & Repairs

Printer Service And Repair in Dulles, VA

Few businesses are immune to their printer or copier going down. We have all opened the doors, followed the instructions, and tried to pull out a paper jam. In addition to getting covered in toner, the result is often frustration and delays.

While it is possible to free a copier jam or fix the tension on your printer, it is not always a good idea. The delicate parts inside your equipment require a light touch, and in your irritation, you may cause more problems than you solve. Reaching out to professionals for printer service and repair in Dulles, VA, is usually the best call.

Some common reasons you should back away from the equipment and request service for your printer and copier include:

Repeated Paper Jams

Paper getting stuck once might be an anomaly, but multiple times in a row is chronic. The feed may need to be adjusted, and only a trained technician can perform that type of work.

Inconsistent Toner

If the toner remains inconsistent, even after changing to a new cartridge, it is likely experiencing some technical issues and needs help from a professional.

Error Messages Won’t Clear

When you see one error message that clears quickly, you can relax. If the message keeps returning, that means something is wrong, and only your printer service and repair expert can address it.

What to Do Before Hiring a Printer Service

printer service in washington dc

Are you experiencing some problems with your printer? While a professional printer service in Washington, DC, is sure to help you get to the bottom of your situation, there are a few troubleshooting ideas you can try before you make that call. They include:

Run a Nozzle Check – Use your printer software utility to run a nozzle check. If the print test shows solid lines, your print head is clean. If you see broken lines or blank parts, that means your print head is in need of a cleaning.

Cleaning Your Print Heads – Most printers feature a software utility that includes an automated print head cleaning. These cleaning services help to do everything from eliminating unwanted smudges to unclogging nozzles and cleaning print rollers.

Align Your Print Heads – Once again using your software utility tool, you will be able to align your print heads to make sure your printouts appear as they should.

Clean the Inside of Your Printer – Sometimes, your printer needs a deeper cleaning than what the software utility will allow. That is when you unplug your printer, open it up, and wipe everything down with a damp or lint-free cloth. Make sure you are gentle though, or else you might end up damaging something.

If you have done all of these tasks and still aren’t getting the results you want from your printer, it is time to call in the professionals. They have a deeper understanding of all the different brands—from Canon to HP printers—and can figure out even the most confusing problems.

The Best Printers to Use for Custom Cards

printers in falls church va

Are you looking to start making your own cards for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions? If so, then you might be wondering what printers in Falls Church, VA, will work the best for you. Since we have experience with all types of different printers from some of the biggest names in the industry, our team has put together a little list of some of our favorites for custom card printing.

Canon TS9550 Wireless Crafting Printer – A borderless printer, scanner, and copier capable of printing up to A3 in size, there is a reason why this Canon is often hailed as ‘the crafting printer.’ One of the biggest standouts is its compatibility with 12”x12” paper, which makes it perfect for custom cards and scrapbooking.

Canon PIXMA Pro 200 Printer – In the same PIXMA range as the TS9550, the Pro 200 is the perfect choice for photo enthusiasts wanting to print photo lab-quality pictures for their greeting cards. It features a multipurpose tray that allows for printing directly onto discs, cardstock, and even nail stickers.

HP Envy 6032 All-In-One Wireless Printer – Want a printer that is good for custom cards, but also keeps you on a budget? Then the HP Envy 6032 is a great place to start. This printer delivers high-quality prints. Even better, it features an ink meter that can automatically reorder ink for you when you are running low.

Canon PIXMA iX6850 Printer – With an impressive 9600 x 2400 DPI print resolution, this printer is ready to handle almost any of your craft printing needs. While it doesn’t have quite as many features as the PIXMA Pro 200 or the TS9550, it still features more than enough benefits to make this a great option if you want an A3 printer that takes up very little space in your office.

DIY vs Printer Service from a Professional

printer services in manassas, va

The dreaded words “clear paper jam” can appear easily on an office printer and make people throw their hands up with frustration. But it is a simple fix. Just follow the directions, and it is easy to correct the problem. However, if the issue is more involved than that, it is best to call in professionals that offer printer services in Manassas, VA.

Modern office printers are durable pieces of equipment and generally only need minor periodic maintenance from a trained technician to ensure their operation. That will be enough to keep them working at peak capacity for as long as you need. However, there are some instances when a malfunction can occur that is more than a minor issue. That is when the services of a multifunction printer repair technician are called for.

Equipment repair technicians are trained in servicing many brands and know the ways to correctly and quickly diagnose any problem. Then they can fix it without delay.

Gem Laser Express, Inc. advises customers not to attempt DIY service, unless it’s a very minor issue with which you have the experience to correct. Otherwise, reach out for services from experienced technicians so that you don’t invalidate the equipment’s warranty.