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What to Do Before Hiring a Printer Service

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Are you experiencing some problems with your printer? While a professional printer service in Washington, DC, is sure to help you get to the bottom of your situation, there are a few troubleshooting ideas you can try before you make that call. They include:

Run a Nozzle Check – Use your printer software utility to run a nozzle check. If the print test shows solid lines, your print head is clean. If you see broken lines or blank parts, that means your print head is in need of a cleaning.

Cleaning Your Print Heads – Most printers feature a software utility that includes an automated print head cleaning. These cleaning services help to do everything from eliminating unwanted smudges to unclogging nozzles and cleaning print rollers.

Align Your Print Heads – Once again using your software utility tool, you will be able to align your print heads to make sure your printouts appear as they should.

Clean the Inside of Your Printer – Sometimes, your printer needs a deeper cleaning than what the software utility will allow. That is when you unplug your printer, open it up, and wipe everything down with a damp or lint-free cloth. Make sure you are gentle though, or else you might end up damaging something.

If you have done all of these tasks and still aren’t getting the results you want from your printer, it is time to call in the professionals. They have a deeper understanding of all the different brands—from Canon to HP printers—and can figure out even the most confusing problems.

The Best Printers to Use for Custom Cards

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Are you looking to start making your own cards for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions? If so, then you might be wondering what printers in Falls Church, VA, will work the best for you. Since we have experience with all types of different printers from some of the biggest names in the industry, our team has put together a little list of some of our favorites for custom card printing.

Canon TS9550 Wireless Crafting Printer – A borderless printer, scanner, and copier capable of printing up to A3 in size, there is a reason why this Canon is often hailed as ‘the crafting printer.’ One of the biggest standouts is its compatibility with 12”x12” paper, which makes it perfect for custom cards and scrapbooking.

Canon PIXMA Pro 200 Printer – In the same PIXMA range as the TS9550, the Pro 200 is the perfect choice for photo enthusiasts wanting to print photo lab-quality pictures for their greeting cards. It features a multipurpose tray that allows for printing directly onto discs, cardstock, and even nail stickers.

HP Envy 6032 All-In-One Wireless Printer – Want a printer that is good for custom cards, but also keeps you on a budget? Then the HP Envy 6032 is a great place to start. This printer delivers high-quality prints. Even better, it features an ink meter that can automatically reorder ink for you when you are running low.

Canon PIXMA iX6850 Printer – With an impressive 9600 x 2400 DPI print resolution, this printer is ready to handle almost any of your craft printing needs. While it doesn’t have quite as many features as the PIXMA Pro 200 or the TS9550, it still features more than enough benefits to make this a great option if you want an A3 printer that takes up very little space in your office.